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The Northern GOSHAWK

Distinctive  Photographs of British Birds of Prey

Since my unique encounter last year with a female juvenile Goshawk in my back garden I have not seen another Goshawk in the wild

This weekend has made up for the lapse and photographed a juvenile male Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawk

Inquisitive Male Northern Goshawk.  17.7.2010

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St Breward - Cornwall 2010




Goshawk in flight





   Goshawks got their name from the ancient Anglo Saxon word Goose Hawks and were eventually labelled with their Latin Name (Accipter gentilis) meaning

hawk  and noble or gentleman. Thus the term Nobleman's Hawk was derived in a time when only the English gentry could fly them for sport.

The Northern Goshawk is the largest of the Goshawks to be present in the UK and in my estimation are staggeringly beautiful creatures.




Goshawk male.


17.7.2010 Juvenile Goshawk  - North Devon

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St Breward - Cornwall . 2010




Many Falconers see the Goshawk as the finest hunting bird to be used in Falconry.

Young male Northern Goshawk.


Portrait of  Northern Goshawk

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St Breward - Cornwall . 2010





  In their natural habitat in the wild, Goshawks prey on medium size and large birds & mammals such as pigeons & grouse, starlings and pheasants.

This particular male Goshawk was seen to take a Cormorant and Ducks.

Rabbits, hares and foxes are also known to be in trouble when a Goshawk is around.



Northern Goshawk.

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St Breward - Cornwall . 2010



Goshawk Photograph


Male juvenile Goshawk

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St Breward - Cornwall . 2010



The Goshawk has also been known as; the Great Hawk, the Pigeon Hawk, or Autour des Palombes, the Eastern Goshawk, the  Goose Hawk and the  Star Hawk.

Star hawk is a very apt name for this Goshawk.


Goshawks can be of a rather nervous temperament.  Really?


Goshawk Image   






There are a large number of Goshawk varieties world wide and in the Goshawk subfamily including:


African Goshawk, Accipiter tachiro

Chestnut-shouldered Goshawk, Erythrotriorchis buergersi

Chinese Goshawk, Accipiter soloensis

Christmas Island Goshawk, Accipiter (fasciatus) natalis

Crested Goshawk, Accipiter trivirgatus

Black Goshawk, Accipiter melanoleucus

Black-mantled Goshawk, Accipiter melanochlamys

Brown Goshawk, Accipiter fasciatus

Dark Chanting Goshawk, Melierax metabates

Doria's Goshawk

Eastern Chanting Goshawk, Melierax poliopterus

Frances' Goshawk, Accipiter

Fiji Goshawk, Accipiter rufitorques

Gabar Goshawk, Melierax gabar

Grey-bellied Goshawk, Accipiter poliogaster

Grey Goshawk, Accipiter novaehollandiae

Grey-headed Goshawk, Accipiter poliocephalus

Henst's Goshawk, Accipiter henstii

Meyer's Goshawk, Accipiter meyerianus

Moluccan Goshawk, Accipiter henicogrammus

New Britain Goshawk, Accipiter princeps

Pale Chanting Goshawk, Melierax canorus

Pied Goshawk, Accipiter albogularis

Red-chested Goshawk, Accipiter toussenelii

Red Goshawk, Erythrotriorchis radiatus

Sulawesi Goshawk, Accipiter griseiceps

Spot-tailed Goshawk, Accipiter trinotatus

White-bellied Goshawk, Accipiter haplochrous


Male Juvenile Goshawk

Male Goshawk in Devon




 I acknowledge with great gratitude and appreciation, the graciousness, consideration & great patience of Sophia Lolley for making entirely possible the wonderful opportunity to obtain the photographs I was able to take of this male Goshawk & more so, for making the day so special for my mother Sheila Stone and Granddaughter Evie Freeman so very memorable.

Thank you so much.   



Evie Freeman and Goshawk.


Evie Freeman and a Hungry Goshawk!

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward  - Cornwall


Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward  - Cornwall










Sheila Stone and hunting Goshawk


A special day for my Mum. Sheila Stone visiting from Chippenham with a young Northern Goshawk

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward  - Cornwall







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Barn Owl or Hoot Owl.


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