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Barn Owl

The Common Barn Owl

Wildlife &  other Distinctive Photographs

Barn Owl Male - (Tyto alba) or Common Barn Owl.


Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St Breward - Cornwall 2010


 One of the most common Owls making their homes in the wild in south west England, Devon and Cornwall, is the Barn Owl, Screech Owl or Common Barn Owl as it is often referred to.

The young male Barn Owl or Ghost Owl above was photographed in July in North Devon and is a truly beautiful creature who has adopted a family on a North Devon Farm.

 The Barn Owl occupies a variety of different habitats and is also known throughout the world under many different names which have come about either because of the Barn Owls appearance and how its interpreted whist integrated in different parts of the world. This may be the Barn Owl's flight characteristics or the sound the Barn owl uses to communicate in the wild.

Thus we have a whole range of different Barn Owl pseudonyms:


Male Screech Owl ( Barn Owl)

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St Breward - Cornwall . 2010




Alphabetically the Barn owl is known alternately as:


Barnyard Owl

Cave Owl

Church Owl

Death Owl

Delicate Owl

Demon Owl

Dobby Owl

Ghost Owl

Golden Owl,or Golden Masked Owl

Hissing Owl

Hobby Owl

Hobgoblin Owl

Monkey-faced Owl

Night Owl

Rat Owl

Scritch Owl, or Screech Owl

Silver Owl

Stone Owl

Straw Owl

White Owl from which the Barn Owl’s literal Latin name, Tyto alba comes



The Owl and the Pussycats!

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward  - Cornwall






#Male Juvenile Barn Owl image Devon July 2010

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward  - Cornwall, England





  With very distinctive markings and a snowy white face, Barn owls are very much loved by the English public. Perhaps because of their fluffy soft appearance, perhaps because of their unique flight patterns whilst hunting and a bird that can be seen all over the British Isles.

 Mainly seen at dusk, hungry Barn Owls can also be seen in daylight hours, along river banks, hedge rows and country roadsides. They particularly like feeding along the rough uncut edges of fields and farmers are encouraged to leave set aside areas to grow wild in order to to encourage the prey that Barn Owls feed on.

Barn Owls take any small rodent such as mice, shrews and voles regularly for food and inhabit all parts of rural England.
































 Barn Owls are mainly nocturnal birds and an owl which can be seen often at dusk.

It's believed that there are now nearly 225 thousand breeding pairs of Barn Owls in Europe alone.



Inquisitive male barn Owl.

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward  - Cornwall






Copyright Jackie Freeman Photography St Breward - Cornwall



A Day on the Farm


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Barn Owl Male - (Tyto alba) or Common Barn Owl.

Male Screech Owl ( Barn Owl)

The Owl and the Pussycats!

Male Juvenile Barn Owl- Devon July 2010

Inquisitive male barn Owl.




















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