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     Picturesque Pudners - Two of Poughill's most historic listed buildings   


  One of Poughill's earliest wealthy families were the Pudners who originally were from Kilkhampton but finally settled in the village of Poughill. The Pudners owned a great deal of land around this part of north Cornwall which they farmed and rented out. Elcombe and Woodstock, West Parke and Brownynge Park are just some of their properties.

 Margaret Pudner of Poughill in Cornwall inherited a large copyhold farm from her husband Walter Pudner in 1611: He had asked her to maintain it for the benefit of their six adult children, including three sons. Margaret Pudner did this, but died three years later with an inventory valued at £254, an increase on her husband’s £211 and equivalent buying power back then to £34,000

The Pudeners then built three notable dwellings in the village of Poughill which remain today. One that is easily the most photographed, recorded and painted thatched cottages in Poughill and a true landmark, celebrated in many vintage Cornish postcards and paintings is Pudners cottage.



Pudners House: Seen today is overgrown but certainly

had a former glory.



Pudners Built of Stone and slate

'Pudners' is one of Poughill's GV Grade II Listed Buildings erected in the C17, with early C19 remodelling and additions. Unusually built of stone rubble with an imposing gabled slate roof and not cob and thatch. All of the outbuildings behind the house are former cottages and also Grade II listed.

Outside St Olafs Cottage





To the left of Pudners House, seen above is St. Olafs Cottage, built in the 1600's, to house servants working in the main house



Pudners Cottage: The most recognisable cottage in the village



 The thatched Pudners cottage, situated just up the hill from Pudners and literally next door to the main house is the most picturesque of images associated with the Poughill and was also built to house the Pudners servants.  

Early Images of Pudners Cottages; You can see the gable end of Pudners just in front of the church




An Early Post Card featuring Pudners cottage

Post card by G E Bayley

Poughill Watercolour

Post card by G E Bayley  
Poughill, Cornwall by Harold Lawes (1865-1940) British. Watercolour. Looking down Poughill Road towards the church


Early photos by Thorn of Bude




Pudners Cottage before it was all whitewashed  

Early photos by Thorne of Bude




Watercolour of Pudners Cottage by Edward William Trick (b.Exeter 1902-1991)  
Poughill in the snow - Artist: S. E. Rex oil on canvas board


“Edith & Lewis Heard from Ivy cottage,” outside Pudners Cottage 18 Oct 1899.



Pudners Cottage in 1977
Pudners Cottage before the road was laid    




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