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   Poughills Historic Pubs, Inns & Ale Houses  

Poughill Cornwall Preston Gate Inn History Pubs and Inns - Old Union Inn - Poughill Inn Photos

The very first Poughill alehouse or pub. Ye olde Yeld House dating from 1520



  Strictly speaking, you would not necessarily regard Poughill's 'Yeld-House' as its very first watering hole. Until that is, you get into its history and a lot of that this building certainly has.


 The double fronted stone building seen behind the horse and trap in the photo opposite the church in Poughill, seenabove, is first mentioned back in a land grant dated 1520 and signed by a man called William Dovel. He was the Abbot of a medieval Cistercian Monastery of 16 monks called Cleeve Abbey in Somerset.

In that document, Abbot Dovel mentions the Yeld-house or Geldhouse, a name sounding remarkably like our neighbouring cousins own Gildhouse in Poundstock.  At the time, Abbot Dovel administered the Manor of Poughill which the church then owned and they then gave the land, on which this building was to be built, sited directly over the road from St. Olaf's Church, for the 'good of the community.' But with conditions attached. It would have to accomodate the poor of the village and 'those considered unable to look after themselves' and also be a place where Poughill's Guilds could meet.

 We know it best as Church House, looking very similar to Poundstock's and Strattons own buildings that functioned in similar ways. But this was a special building, built entirely out of stone and not cobb, the traditional material use in building back then. Iit had a slate roof, too, when nearly all the village was thatched.

Its greater permanency and inevitably its cost to build, must have been equal to its worth in the community. But by the time this building was erected, there were several wealthy families in the area who would almost inevitably have contributed handsomely to its construction too. Though record has it that in 1601, the whole eastern part of the building collapsed and had to be re, built but we know no more as to why or what happened.


 Interestingly, what we do know is that Church House housed a working bakery and also operated a small brewery, producing it own ale for the community and in turn raising money for the church. It was certainly used as a venue for the ‘Church Ales’ which were gatherings to raise money also for the church, for Poughills poor residents and for our annual Revel.

 So a watering hole and Poughills very first pub it certainly was back then and a community meeting place too. Somewhere where parishoners regularly gathered after church services to break break and drink Poughills own brewed ale. So it could actually be regarded as our first Pub of sorts.



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The Union

     The Old Union Inn Poughill    



  The old Union Inn, or Poughill Inn as it was also known, was Poughills original, or to be more accurate, the more traditional village pub for about seventy years and is now called Rose cottage.

It can be found, sadly, somewhat run down overgrown and long empty, just down Northcott Mouth road on the corner of Church Street. On the right hand side of the road, down past the Old Poughill Post office and general stores.


 From legal documents dating from 1836, we know that the Poughill village pub had a barn, a stable, a pig house, an orchard and a garden and it was occupied by a lady named Sarah Rowland. This surname appears again but much later, in the 1870's when the landlord is named as William Rowland.


 The Poughill Inn itself is first mentioned in a legal mortgage dated the 1, August 1816. A contract between John Vicky Jose Esq. of Poughill, the vicars son, the man who built 'Reeds' house, which is situated only a hundred yards or so down the lane on the left of those big white gate posts. Jose was a wealthy coal merchant and lime dealer at the time and sold the property to a William Baker of Marhamchurch, a Yeoman who owned a small estate, who died in 1836. In 1841 a Mrs. Baker, Williams widow, then assigned the premises - the pub, to a William Tucker.

 Interestingly, the very first time this property is mentioned is probably when Vickry Jose first bought it from a tenement called Moyses in Poughill; 'consisting of two dwelling houses,' ( that accounts for its perfect size to be used as a pub, plus 'an orchard and field in Poughill, which was formerly in the occupation of Hugh Loyde.'   Great for Cornish 'Wrastling' then.

Dig a little further back and an interesting name pops up, one Mr. Robert Pudner, yeoman of Poughill. In his will of 1656, he gives to "William Moyse and also unto Edward Martyn, two of my Servants, unto each of them three shillings and foure pence. To be paid within one moneth next after my death."

A good indicator then that the Moyse name lived on here and that a descendent first owned what was to become the Poughill pub.

 In 1881, the Union Inn closed and for over a century, Poughill had no Pub of its own.  At least, not until the 1980's when a pair of cottages previously used in the 19th century as Poughills Almshouses were converted to a single building and the Preston Gate Inn opened it doors.



Rear of the old Union Inn

^ Rear of the Old Union Inn.






This aerial view of the Union Inn seen at the bottom of this photograph, gives you an idea of its size when you compare it the the Church for instance, which is at the top right of the picture.



 Back at the turn of the 1800's, the Union Inn pub and alehouse, would have certainly brewed its own cask ales and sold cider as was common practise in Cornwall and as an Inn, it would have also offered accommodation and food for travellers along with the customary livery stabling for horses. It was right over the road too from the village blacksmiths, so perfect all round. It would also have been a regular meeting point for all kinds of events and it was by no means a small place, as you can see from the photos above.

There is one early record for instance, of a mans body being found at Northcott Mouth beach, washed up from a wreck and the inquest into his death being held at the pub in the village. On, 20 May 1859, the Royal Cornwall Gazette reports on another inquest;

"Found dead — cause unknown. — An inquest was held on Monday the 9th inst., at the Union Inn, in the parish of Poughill, by Thomas Good, Esq., county coroner, on the body of a newly born child.


 After the Poughill Inn closed down in 1881 it became a private house, now called Rose Cottage, but the scale of it with its size and style seemingly dating from the early 1700's, suggests it was first built to house two families and that Mr Jose bought it and converted it into the pub.




A lovely photo of Rose Cottage taken by one of the Thorn family of photographers of Bude, many years after the village pub shut down







Preston Gate Inn Photo

   The Preston Gate Inn - Poughill Cornwall   



  This is a relatively modern inn in Poughill, converted to a public house from a block of old terraced cottages in 1982.

 The Preston gate inn was converted into a public house and opened by Ivor and Joyce Measures. Yet not without some degree of controversy and even public demonstrations by placard bearing Poughill parishoners. All protesting at the prospect of a licence being granted by the council. Fortunately they lost and Poughill now has a fine community pub, serving both the village and local tourism alike. Sporting an excellent reputation and all from a building that looks like its been the Pub here in Poughill forever.


Preston gate Inn Poughill, long before it was the village pub


 Prior to that, the once thatched Preston Gate Inn, seen above, long before it was the Pub, is recorded as "a group of dwelling houses" and earlier Victorian census records show that William Wackley, who was the the local carpenter and joiner, the brother of the Poughill Blacksmith, Samuel Wackley, worked and lived here at number 1, Preston Gate.

The premises he lived in was also listed as 'Commercial,' so I suspect he must have had his workshops there behind the house too.

 From the same records, it is very likely that the other part of the building was inhabited by a lady called Jullia B Bray, Head, M? who was 71 and described an an Annuitant. She worked as a Needle Woman, in Poughill and is registered as living there. In the same building was Julia D Barrable, Niece, Unmarried, age 49, also a Needle Woman.

So, why then the 'Preston Gate' ?

 The name almost certainly originates from the term 'Priests Gate', suggesting that the original vicarage of 1679 and long since demolished, was sited perhaps, right behind, or very close these very buildings and with direct access to the church land.


The much later vicarage entrance can just be seen on the right in this photograph.

Interestingly, the pubs name shows up earlier in records of 1814, when the 'PRISTON GATE,' is assigned to Trustees for Sale.






The more I learn of its History, the more I will add here......




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