A Glimpse of Poughill's People in the Past

Over three dozen photographs

Take a sometimes faded but tantalising look at the faces from Poughill's long forgotten past'



Pony and trap outside Church House Poughill
Children outside the church



Crockwood Farm - Poughill owned by Harold and Evelyn Brooks

taken in about 1950. Photo Courtesy Gordon Brooks

Poughill Church bell ringers. Third from the right is Harold Brooks from Crockwood Farm. Reg Wapshire behind him. The Vicar is the Rev L H Keenan, vicar of St Olafs 1978-80



This little girl born in 1896 who died here in Poughill is the writer and playwright Mary Adelaide Eden Ross.
A family opposite the old post office by Mountlands




(Above) On the Left in this photo I believe is the

Rev. Raymond Whitwell, who was vicar of Poughill from

1934 to 1940.

Children outside Poughill Post Office and General Stores
Ladies outside Rose Cottage c 1900, formerly the Union Inn.  
Villagers Outside the church in Poughill

Mr. Cloke walking past the old post office C 1958



Outside the old Methodist chapel in Poughill


A woman and child in the doorway of Pudners Cottage


Poughill Church Hall play





Gilbert (Gordon in most titles though) Preston  

Mr and Mrs Brock with Gordon Preston


The Brock family outside Fisherton Cottage next to Kimberly House, opposite the old post office



The Brocks again

Gordon Preston at the old pump Poughill




Edith & Lewis Heard of Ivy cottage standing outside Pudners cottage - 18 Oct 1899 Poughill


Detail from the below



Outside Pudners cottagein Poughill, 1899


Outside Escallonia Cottage - Anon, Vera Yeo and Ivy Shackston




John Ham pictured outside the old Reeds Chapel


Mrs Whackley the blacksmith Sam Whackley's wife outside Marland House

Dr Lemon and his wife with Poughill school children

 The Rev. Dr. Thomas William Lemon, Vicar of Poughil from 1895, wearing the mortarboard, died in December 1919, was the subject of a major liabel case that he brought against a woman from Plymouth before he took up his position at Poughill. Seen here with children from the Poughill school C 1900. (The story)

Top row right with teachers hands on his shoulders is Argent Wakley. Middle row third from right is Mildred Wakley. She went on to teach at the school.



Children from Poughill school standing outside the Poughill road entrance.  
Outside the church Lytch Gate before school children waiting outside over the road.


Poughill scout troop 1923 with Mr Kingdon  
Poughill Troop


Children from the Poughill school. Date unclear.  
Outside the Poughill village hall.
Poughill Social Club




Children outside Poughill school


Daniel BARRABLE: "head mar 55 farmer of 101 acres employing 1 lab and 1 servant"


Robert and Selina Marshall Brown



Ashton Farm Poughill approx 1955. From left Diana, Pam Voaden, John Hicks, Terry Voaden with Ben.


The Voaden family Poughill c 1955




 In 1873, Poughill was pretty well self sufficient and had two butchers called Daniel Varrable and David Penwarden. A Tailor called, Samuel Cornish who also ran the shop. Two shoemakers and cobblers called Richard Jennings and Robert Skitch and the Union Inn was run by landlord William Rowland. Sam Wackley was the blacksmith and his brother William the carpenter. The vicar was Reverend Hocklin and the school Mistress a Miss Adams. All serving countless Farmers and their staff who lived in and around the village.

Did you know ? The Venerable Percy Ashford was Vicar of Poughill between 1959 and 65, before he became Chaplain General of Prisons from 1981 to 1985 and Honorary Chaplain to the Queen from 1982 to 1997



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