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 A blaze of Autumn colour in the Canadian Fall

 MapleTrees, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

Photograph: Sugar Maple canopy in Sault Ste Marie northern Ontario. September.

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008




Autumn Colours Ontario.

Photograph:  A Canadian meadow in Autumn

Blind River, Ontario Canada.

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008






This Autumn saw me back in Canada once again and Northern Ontario beckoned once more as the Canadian Fall made its way south from the Northern Ontario wastes of Hudsons Bay to the more mild parts of the Province in the south.

These incredible colours are the result of the early Ontario frosts on the Sugar Maple trees. The Maple tree is a symbol that summer is over and of course has been the Canadian National symbol since 1868, it was included into the Canadian Coat of Arms in 1921.

Therefore it also naturally became the name for the Toronto hockey players, the Toronto Maple leafs.

Driving along Highway 17 from Sudbury to Sault Ste Marie was a continuous show of amazing colours to photograph. I constantly had to stop the car for another photograph and the journey took a lot longer than anticipated! From a higher vantage point along Highway 17 I looked across the landscape of Maple trees and was reminded of a huge bag of boiled fruit sweets and all the colours they hold, reds, oranges, purples, greens and lemons!





Maple Tree Ontario.

Photograph: Canadian Sugar Maples

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008



Mary Poppins Pink Bike?

Pink Bike, Ontario.

Photograph: This pink ladies bicycle complete with a basket of plastic flowers makes an all weather tribute to a Canadian garden .Maybe it was Mary Poppins own!

Seen along Highway 17 East in the village of McKerrow, Northen Ontario.

© Jackie Freeman Photography












Scary Winehouse

Scarecrow Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse or Scary Winehouse!

TORRINGTON CAVALIERS GREAT TORRINGTON ANNUAL SCARECROW COMPETITION, in Devon, England, gave me an amusing Amy Winehouse image to photograph in the market town of Torrington, in Devon.

Torrington is a small Devon market town which dates from the middle ages and one which for at least part of the year is full of original scarecrows.

The Amy Winehouse scarecrow above, created for the Torrington Cavaliers Great Torrington Annual Scarecrow Competition, was one of my favorite photographs of all the scarecrows I photographed in Torrington this August.

 There can be few people in the world that don't know of the British singer Amy Winehouse and her distinctive voice and 60's fashion sense. Amy Winehouse clearly has created a new look from the old look with her beehive hairdo.

Unfortunately the Amy Winehouse scarecrow above, didn't feature amongst the Torrington scarecrow winners this year.


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