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Christmas Down Under



Christmas Day - Palm Cove, Queensland 2007

A different perspective on life

King Palm Queensland.

This Queensland King Palm makes for a lovely shady canopy under which to spend Christmas morning in the tropics.

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008



Salt Water Crocodiles.




Agapanthus flowers New Zealand.


Ring a ring of roses and Rosie is the one on the right! !

Salt water crocodiles. Bermuda Triangle! Then this is the Queensland triangle?

Photograph: Queensland - December 2007

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

New Zealand wild Agapanthus flowers
grow in such profusion throughout New Zealand.

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008




Grey Squirrel Winkleigh.



Caught in the act:  grey squirrel on the bird feeder in the garden.

Winkleigh  - Devon , May 2008

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

Statue Of Liberty Las Vegas.



The not Statue of Liberty

Photograph: December 2007. Las Vegas, Nevada New York - New York Hotel and Casino, sports this half sized replica of the Statue of Liberty

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

Jackie Freeman, Manitoba Canada.





Jackie Freeman. Clearwater Lake Provincial Park

Thompson, Manitoba. 18th May 2005

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008





Rabbit Winkleigh.

Lunch to go:  A bunny rabbit in the garden. Winkleigh, Devon. April 2008

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008





Green Finch Winkleigh.

A Green Finch giving new meaning to the term, house breaking!

Winkleigh, Devon. April 2008

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008




Allan Hillery: Self Portrait

Allan Hillery photo.


© Allan Hillery.





Allan Hillery: Self Portrait.

Allan Hillery Photo Cup.






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Copyright Jackie Freeman 2008

Jackie Freeman.



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