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Jackie Freeman Photography. Devon - England


Blue Tit Winkleigh.

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Sydney Australia Fireworks.


Sydney celebration fireworks. New Years Eve 2007

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008




Christmas 2007- 2008 saw us in Australia and New Zealand. Special times, special moments

Indian Elephant Thailand.

Indian Elephant. Thailand January 2008

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008






Male Pheasant Winkleigh.

Frank Junior. Our friendly pheasant  I I

Summer 2007 - Winkleigh - Devon

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

Australian Cassowary Cairns.

Australian Cassowary: Cairns - Boxing Day 2007

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

Incredible as it may seem, the flightless Cassowary can live for over 60 years and do so happily in the lush rain forests of north Queensland.

Apparently they can attack at an alarming speed and use their head to demolish prey or amongst tourists, too close to their nests! They are very territorial and are known to be aggressive as the wife of  Derbyshire cricketer Frank Griffith, who we met at Christmas in Cairns, can attest to!






  Monitor Lizard. Photograph December 2007Queensland

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

Monitor Lizard Australia.








Waves Thailand.

Wave Motion: Thailand January 2008

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008








Evie Freeman upside down on a trapeze

Grey whale  Tofino  Vancouver Island.
Photograph: Grey whale off Tofino - Vancouver Island
© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

Evie Freeman, Tenerife.

Costa Adeje Beach - Tenerife October 2006

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

The old sea plane we were in with long time wilderness pilot "Louis the Fly Guy" up in Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, was all it was supposed to be with West Coast Wild Adventures and more!

Louis spotted the spout of this Grey whale as it surfaced way off the Pacific rim coast and gave us the opportunity of a lifetime in sharing some time with him before he dived out of sight.





Workers Kata Noi Beach. Phuket Thailand.

                                                                 Off to Work : Kata Noi Beach. Phuket Thailand. January 2008

                                                                 © Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

Thailand in January was astounding.

At once: Colour, Frantic, Manic. Serene and a Joy.




Hibiscus Devon.

Hibiscus in a Devon garden.

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008







Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Fish off the Great Barrier Reef. December 28th 2007

Taken underwater.

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008







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Helicopter Shadow.

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