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Blue Tit Winkleigh Devon.
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Green Moments

Cathedral Grove. Vancouver Island. Autumn 2007

Cathedral Grove Vancouver Island.





Young  Green finch

Sleeping baby Green finch on the bird bath in the garden. May 2008 in Winkleigh. Devon.

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2007




Cathedral Grove is a magical - spiritual place and literally stands in MacMillan Provincial Park on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It supports one of the worlds oldest surviving ecosystems and can't have changed much in a million years. The canopy reaches heights of  250 feet with some of the trees over 29 feet in circumference.

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2007






Not far from the A30 dual carriageway, between Launceston and Bodmin in Cornwall is Bodmin Moor, home to Du Maurier's ruthless smugglers and pirates of the lustrous Jamaica Inn, ancient standing stones and the ghosts of King Arthur's Knights of the round table.

Rising on the moor is a tiny river, a tributary of the Camel called the De Lank, its shallow crystal clear water supports young Brook Trout and Delford Bridge is a favorite picnic spot for the Cornish and Grockles.

Evie our granddaughter, sits in front of a 19th century stone beam bridge across the De Lank River. The earlier bridge having been destroyed by flash floods in 1840's




Evie Freeman. De Lank River, Bodmin Moor. Cornwall.

Evie Freeman Bodmin Moor.

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2005


Vic Border Collie Cross.


Vic.  A Border Collie Cross

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2005


Vic is a lovely mix. He's a  Border Collie Cross, part Labrador, who everybody loved and adored. Vic was the first puppy we had just after I married and moved to Canworthy Water in Cornwall and as we lived in a converted church called St Sidwells and he sported a white dog collar of fur around his neck, it was more than befitting, it was perfect to call him V I C  !

Vic was all in one, my best friend, completely loopy lou, a loyal gentle male, a guardian of the female race and of property, a nut case and a complete show off.

He hated men on bikes, squirrels, men with walking sticks and cats of course.

His speed across Widmouth Beach was incredible and his surfing antics on New Years day about nine years ago brought rapturous applause from a gathering crowd who gasped as we did as we watched him plunge deep into the icy surf, far too far from the beach for his own good and all for a stick that David threw!  But he loved sticks!    Vic, not David.

Incredibly, as luck would have it, Vic got caught up by a wintry Widmouth wave and surfed back onto the beach on his belly!

When we moved out to Canada six years ago with new opportunities, it seemed unfair and unjustifiable to keep him in kennels. Vic loathed it in kennels and saw it as prison sentence he surely didn't deserve.

My best friend from my younger days, Bridgitte, eagerly took Vic under her wing, fostered him and he moved in lock stock and barrel ,with a brand new family in Leatherhead in Surrey, where he has been sharing nothing but love both ways ever since.

He's now a retiring and respectable 13 years, still hates squirrels and men on bikes, just as he always did was but is not very well.    A beautiful dog.




Young Blackbird

Baby Blackbird: In the garden at Winkleigh - Devon. ,Photograph: Spring 2008

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2007




Young Deer, Lake Rousseau  Ontario


No Trick photography here. Deer spotted at Lake Rousseau, Ontario, April 2005

Perhaps part of Dr. D little's Menagerie & the proof that  'Push me Pull you' exists?

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2004







Young Robin.

Another showing of the famous young male Robin in the bird bath

Photographed on the 14th. March 2007 at Winkleigh, Devon. UK

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2005




Evening Elkford BC.




Evening in Elkford - British Columbia -June 2004

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2004







Sid the Pot Bellied Pig, Colliford Lake, Cornwall
Frank our friendly Pheasant:


Pot Bellied Pig Colliford Lake, Cornwall.

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2006


I used to keep pigs myself on the farm at Fletchers Bridge near Bodmin in Cornwall and loved their antics and pranks. I have promised myself some more one day but as I don't relish the idea of having the whole garden trashed by a pigs natural desire to eat everything that isn't bolted to the ground, it will have to wait. This pot bellied pig I spotted on the moor at Colliford.

Pheasant male, Phasianus colchicus

Frank the Pheasant: Phasianus colchicus. Common pheasant (Male)

14th. March 2007 at Greys Cross, Winkleigh, Devon. UK

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2007









Mini Snaps

Frank the friendly pheasant was a regular visitor to our garden at Winkleigh and was a full 16 inches or so in height and had a girth to shame a cockerel.

Frank the pheasant was so tame that he would follow me up and down the lawn when I was mowing and loved to clear up after the finches and Blue Tits who made such a mess and still do, around the bird table. Frank also loved to survey his acre of garden from one of the grassy Devon banks around the orchard & often held court from the picnic table overlooking our distant medieval hill village of Winkleigh

Frank hasn't been around for a few months now but did bring his lady friend round a few times in the spring and we did see him fit and well after the Pheasant shooting ceased at the end of December. So I can only assume that he bought it on the road one Sunday afternoon when the Winkleigh and North Tawton boy racers challenge cup is held or he ended up on a poachers plate. Sad.

If you see him, let me know!




Border Collie Cross.

Scruff the stray Border Collie Cross

Rock Beach, Cornwall, England
June 2005

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2007



   Black Squirrel, Minesing Ontario.


     Black Squirrel Chillin' - Minesing, Ontario 2004

      © Jackie Freeman Photography 2004

Deer, British Columbia.

Radio controlled deer.

North of Radium Hot Springs in the  Rockies,

British Columbia. Photograph: May 2004
I can only assume this is a deer tracking device for forestry migration studies

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2004

Allan Hillery.

     Photographer and friend                    Allan Hillery.

        With a friend!


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