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Bluetit Winkleigh.
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Urban Fox London.

 British Photographer Allan Hillery, has an unusually tame urban fox family living in a burrow in the railway embankment behind his London home. Allan has had the joy of the urban foxes living there for several years now. The foxy fox family is even tame enough to come into the house and help themselves to the cat food on a regular basis and the dog fox wiley enough to steal clothes from the laundry room!

Two tee shirts, socks and a slipper missing for weeks, turned up on the embankment, presumably destined for Mr and Mrs Fox' cubs.

Urban Fox Photographed in

Highams Park near London, England

 © Jackie Freeman Photography 2005





Evie Freeman, Lake Simcoe  Innifil.

Granddaughter Evie Freeman - Lake Simcoe, Innifil

Ontario - August 2004

 © Jackie Freeman Photography 2004




Nodding Donkey in Kindersley Saskatchewan, Summer 2006

Nodding Donkey, Kindersley Saskatchewan.


The town of Kindersley in Saskatchewan sleeps in a time warp all of its own making.

These oil rich badlands are home to thousands of donkeys and not one of them a mule!

 © Jackie Freeman Photography 2004





Jackie Freeman  -  Wedding Photographer  !


  Peter & Vicky's Wedding, Upwaltham Barn  Petworth. West Sussex.                                                        Balck Squirrel Innisfil beach - Lake Simcoe, Canada.

Bridesmaids on a happy day. Peter and Vicky's wedding, Saturday 5th.July 2008 Upwaltham Barns. Petworth. West Sussex.    

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Gray Squirrel

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Innisfil beach - Lake Simcoe, Canada

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2006

Wedding photography can be boring and starchy so I favour the natural approach and love to catch my subject and people offguard. In my view the fine art of wedding photography can also to be over official and formal in its outlook but at the wedding of one of my oldest and dearest friends Brigitte's son, the day of Peter and Vicky's wedding was special.

It was a beautiful setting for a wedding service and reception at Upwaltham near Petworth this summer.

It was a natural and happy occasion with a million moments like this one.                                           Good luck kids, we love ya.





Alpaca,  North Vancouver.

AL  the  Paka

Alpaca: North Vancouver. 2006

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2006

Maori Sunset. Bay of Islands  New Zealand.









Maori Sunset. Bay of Islands. New Zealand. December 2007

New Zealand is a treasure all of its own and quite beautiful

 © Jackie Freeman Photography 2007




Spaniel on Motorbike, Phuket town Thailand

Cocker Spaniel Dog driving a motorbike

"So you can teach an old dog new tricks?"

Photograph: Phuket town, Thailand in January 2008

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2007

Thailand is a wonderful country and Phuket quite beautiful but in a very natural way . 




 Wren in the Lavender, Winkleigh.

Jenny Wren amongst the Lavender

 © Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

The photograph above is one of my favorites ,a very natural peace of creative photography.

The Jenny Wren amongst the Lavender and Sweet pea was tiny and at first I didn't see her but then she moved. Believe it or not, I took this image from my kitchen window in Winkleigh in Devon and to me it epitomizes summer in the countryside. This photograph was taken in June of 2007 and the wren

family have returned this year.





If you ask anyone who has been to Thailand what things they remember about the place, they will undoubtedly start with the people and their smiles

Despite whatever hardships they may encounter, the people of Thailand seem to be endlessly happy. They are natural, smiley people who never seem to be anything but happy.

I took hundreds of photographs of people smiling in Thailand and can honestly say that I never saw above two grumpy faces all the time we were there.

That was just after Christmas this year on a trip that took us to Australia and New Zealand en route.

The Spaniel Dog driving the motorbike summed up the humour of the place & captured a special moment for me.



Mink  Qu’Appelle Valley Saskatchewan

Mink feeding on fresh water crabs Qu’Appelle Valley,
Buffalo Pound Lake, Saskatchewan. 3rd. April 2005

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2006

A rare sight so I am told as the mink are elusive and don't like to share their world with humans. we watched this mink dive time and time again into the chilly lake water of the Buffalo Pound and never once did he come up empty handed!



Queensland Koala  Cairns, Australia.

Queensland Koala: Cairns, Australia. December 2007

No one ever goes to Australia and comes back without a photograph of one of these lovelies.

 © Jackie Freeman Photography 2008



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