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Baby Blue Tit on the bird feeder

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 Cornwall based British wildlife photographer Jackie Freeman was inspired to the art of the camera by her great friend, the outstanding news and natural history photographer Allan Hillery.

 Here on her web site, she presents us with a unique ongoing portfolio, a pictorial diary of fascinating images, capturing the special moments in her life. The birds, animals, flora and fauna she loves to photograph.








Above: A Baby Blue Tit on the bird feeder -  Photo: June 2008.

We had five fledglings this year that hatched in the well head.


Young male Pheasant



      A Devonshire Moon. Taken through my

bedroom window. 2007. Winkleigh, Devon

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2007




This is our young male Pheasant, Frank Junior, who seems to have adopted us. Posing like father like son, on the garden gate - Photograph: Winter 2007

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008




My great friend Allan Hillery is the British photographer who first opened my eyes to photography as a hobby a few years ago. I thank him for the pleasure it brings me.



Paper white daffodil flower Latin Narcissus

I Now rarely travel anywhere without my camera, be it to distant places across the world or around my home county of Devon for fear of missing a photograph of something remarkable. And it's quite remarkable what you see when you least expect it.

It was a treasure to see Black bear turning stones, searching out fresh water crabs for their breakfast on a shoreline, or sharing a few special moments with grey seal on their isolated rocky outcrops off Tofino, which is a picturesque hamlet on the east side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Even in our garden, the local residents of the animal kind seem keen to get in on the act by posing for photographs.

The baby Robin on the right is having a ball in the bird bath.

Our friendly male pheasant too, who adopted us years ago, now has a son who's an equal poser to his older and wiser male pheasant father and loves his photograph taken. So of course so did the baby Robin who gave me endless joy whilst bathing for the very first time in our garden in Winkleigh. PLEASURE!


Baby Male Robin.

Paper white daffodil flower. (Latin Narcissus) Photo: April 2007

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

Rockin' Robin: Baby male Robin (Erithacus rubecula) Bird bath. Summer 2007
© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008  





 Grey Squirrel nesting  Agave plant.

^ A Grey Squirrel nesting in the Agave plant on the patio.

Photo taken in the : Back garden, Winkleigh - Devon

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

I have another photograph or two of the same

baby Robin which will put on another page






Grey Seal Halichoerus grypus Tofino, Vancouver Island.

^ Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) Photo taken off Tofino, Vancouver Island, April 2007

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2007



A Crocodile Pool. Photo: Cairns, Queensland, Australia December 2007 . Oh Yes its real    !

Freshwater crocodile, Australia




Male Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Male Greater Spotted Woodpecker.

^ This freshwater crocodile is absolutely real and an animal you wouldn't wish to tangle with in the wilds of Queensland. A little unnerving to say the least, was the fact that I didn't know if I was looking at the crocodile, or the crocodile looking at me?

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008

One of 2 breeding pairs that feed in our garden in

Winkleigh in Devon. Photo. May 2008

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2008



Black Bear, Ucluelet  Vancouver Island.

^ Black Bear turning stones near Ucluelet on Vancouver Island.

Photograph: April 2007

Early one wet March morning we went out with the Legendary Captain Jamie  from the Whaling Station in Tofino up in the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island.
We were in search of illusive Black Bear who make their presence known when the tides are low. They roam the shores of the inlets in search of their favorite delicacy, the Rock Crab and seem to ignore the boats full  of camera addicts trying to get the best photograph.

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2007


Evie Freeman, planting seeds.

Pop will it ever grow!

^ Our Granddaughter: Evie Freeman planting seeds n our Devon kitchen garden.
Photograph: July 2006

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2006



A photograph is more than a memory of a moment for me, it 's more an art form all of its own to share.

The perfect example is the photograph of the bicycle in the snow below,. taken by my friend Allan Hillery in Scandinavia.


My new found friend, photography became a fine and almost compulsive hobby for me and a hobby I love as much as the photographs of special moments I try to capture and sometimes get.

I love them all, be it an animal, a flower or a simple photo of  a family friend.

My new digital camera, introduced to me by my husband David one Christmas to replace my more traditional

35 mm. Minolta beast (which I loved by the way) was an alarming learning curve of the ultimate kind for me in the beginning.

I have to admit that I couldn't understand a word that the Sony photography buffs had written in the technical instruction manual which was supposed after all, to have helped me learn the ins and outs of my new Sony Alpha 100 camera and its many intricacies.

It may as well have been in Chinese though and it was far easier to throw away the instructions and just have a go at the settings myself.

The Sony Alpha 100 that I have had now for a couple of years finally gave up the ghost a month or so ago and packed up completely for no apparent reason.

Unusual they say, for a main circuit board to die. And with Sony's silly money repair quote of over £500.00 to fix it would you believe, it was a darned sight simpler to go to Devon Camera get a new Alpha 200 which is great.

My other camera may be less sophisticated but is brilliant to have handy.

It's another Sony, the lightweight Cyber shot and ridiculously easy to use.

Well done Sony!
I hope you enjoy some of the images I have captured and share with you here on my site.

Just click on Scruff to move ahead.


Allan Hillery photo in Finland.

One of my favourite Allan Hillery pictures taken in Finland







Honey Comb, North Island New Zealand.

Honey Comb and Bees. North Island New Zealand.

Photograph: December 2007

© Jackie Freeman Photography 2007

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Copyright: Jackie Freeman.  2007 - 2008

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