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Raf Winkleigh David Freeman

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RAF Winkleigh Raf Winkleigh

The story of a WW II Air Base in Devon - Part IV

An illustrated History of the RAF Airfield at Winkleigh




Photographs: The  Canadians  at  RAF   Winkleigh and others   1944 - 45

Royal Canadian Air Force  RCAF - 406 - 415 - 408 - Squadrons - Personnel  & Air Crew Photos.


 James Gordon Brown. M.A.

Squadron Leader (Chaplain)

K.I.A. 27/11/1944 - Age 35

James Gordon Brown winkleigh

 On November 27, 1944, he was celebrating his

birthdaywith a group of friends in Antwerp when a

V-2 bomb landed near them. He was killed, but the

others were untouched.

He is buried in Schoonselhof Cemetery, Antwerp.



Peter Reid  and James Lawless

K.I.A. 11/12/1944


406 squadron, Flight Lieutenant Peter Reid James lawless

Flight Lieutenant Peter Reid (Navigator) &

Flying Officer James Lawless, (Pilot) both

RCAF 406 SQDN, were lost on operations

the night of December 11, 1944.

They had been together as pilot and

navigator for quite some time, flying both

Mosquitoes and Beaufighters.

Thomas William Trewin:

Flight Lieutenant

K.I.A. 05/04/1945

Thomas William Trewin:

Edwin Karl Vickers

Edwin Karl Vickers:

Flight Sergeant KIA

Wing Commander Bromley & Flight Officer J Hall
Flying Officer John Hall winkleigh
Flying Officer C.J Kirk Kirkpatric

Wing Commander Bromley & Flt Officer J Hall DFO,

at RAF Winkleigh in 1944

Flight Officer John Hall DFO "completed...numerous operations against the enemy in which [he has] invariably displayed the utmost fortitude, courage and devotion to duty".

Flying Officer John Hall DFC and Flying officer

P William Muschett at RAF Winkleigh shortly

after winning their DFC, 13/14th May 1944.

Destroyed 2 JU 88

Flying Officer

C.J Kirk Kirkpatric DFC

406 Squadron


Born 7.10.18, in Kindersley, Saskachewan.

Assisted in the destruction of four enemy aircraft
over the Normandy beach head and destroyed
three locomotives plus two heavily laden barges.

Mosquito Night Fighter crew winkleigh

Unknown Crew in front of a Mosquito Night Fighter

'Blackie' Williams & Kirk Kirkpatric winkleigh

'Blackie' Williams & Kirk Kirkpatric


Squadron Leader David John WILLIAMS , DFC - Born in Vancouver,

6 January 1919. Williams and Kirkpatric were the crew of a Canadian Beaufighter out of Winkleigh which shot down two German Dornier 217, raiders in 11 minutes

Blackie Williams took over as C.O from Moose Fumerton.



 Bill Mac Pherson, William Hargrour Winkleigh


Navigators Bill Mac Pherson, William Hargrour and

Chris Eynofson on leave somewhere in the south west of England..



Doug McNabb and John Hall

Doug McNabb and John Hall DFC at

RAF Winkleigh

Wing Commander Russell Bannock DFC, DSO .

Wing Commander Russell Bannock DFC, DSO and Bar (Left)

Squadron Commander after Blackie Williams - 20 November 1944 >

Photograph Above and Right: With his navigator Bob Bruce & their Mosquito 'Hairless Joe'. Russ Bannock was born in Edmonton, Alberta 1 November 1919. Wing Commander Bannock shot down 11 enemy aircraft and over 14 aerial robot weapons AKA Flying Bombs in his distinguished career.




Raf Winkleigh pilots



Kirk Kirkpatric winkleigh

Kirk Kirkpatric (left) with local children and Canadian officers at Winkleigh

RAF WINKLEIGH Celebration Below.

Do you recognise anyone here?


Winkleigh officers  mess



             John Hall

I have heard several reports that Artie Shaw, who was an American jazz clarinetist, composer and band leader played at a 'bash' at RAF Winkleigh in 1944 or 45, which was a spectacular success.  Is the picture above taken that night?



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Posted: December 23-2012:

RCAF 415 Swordfish Squadron World War II

I am very grateful to Greg Ennis, the nephew of Flight /Sgt. Roy Milton Ennis, RCA, who kindly sent me the following photographs which may interest you.

The group photo above is of many identified air crew and pilots which Mr. Ennis believes was taken prior to June 8, 1942.  In the center row, the central figure marked "Self", second row  centre is P/O Bud McComb. The balance of the names  written in ink follows

Bottom Row, Left to right. 1: ?dlre 2: McMillian 3: Shore 4: Bean 5: Jones 6: No Name 7 Wartele "CO" 8: No Name 9: Dennis 10: No Name 11: Lawrence 12: Herbert

Middle Row: 1: No Name 2: McGregor    KIA June 8 1942 3: No Name 4: No Name 5: Black    KIA June 8 1942 6: Self    (real name Bud McComb Pilot, Alberta KIA June 30, 1942) 7: Garfin    KIA June 27, 1942 8: McCallum  KIA June 27, 1942 8: Briggs 9: Ridley    KIA 24, June 42 10: Dawson 11: No Name

Top Row: No Names


This Canadian 415 Squadron crew photo (above) is reliably believed to identify: 

Left to right; - 415 Sqdn., Royal Canadian Air Force - F/Sgt Roy Milton Ennis - R/68044 WAG, (Wireless Operator and Air Gunner)

who hailed from Ontario. Flight Sgt. Ennis died, age 22 on 31st of July 1942. He was son of Joseph and Ruth Read Ennis of Toronto, Ontario.

Next to him is Flight /Sgt Mandle Bloomfield R/61005 - WAG from Edmonton, Alberta who perished July 31, 1942 age just 21. (See image below)

Followed by P/O Bud Douglas Roy McComb also from Alberta

And F/Sgt Jack (John Henry) LaBelle WAG from Vancouver BC.


(Their names are listed on the back of the photo shown below.)

All four men were killed in action in 1942 when their aircraft crashed over the English Channel..



Flight Sergeant Mandel Bloomfield, R-61005, R.C.A.F. 415 Sqdn, son of Mr. Harry and Mrs. Becky Bloomfield of Edmonton, Alberta was reported killed in action overseas on July 31, 1942 age just 21.

Flight Sgt. Ennis memorial





The War Years - 10 Group  Fighter  Command at Winkleigh 1942 - 1945

IX USAF 12th Tactical Reconnaissance RAF 161 RAF 286 Squadron
Free Polish Airmen
RCAF 415
RCAF 406 
RCAF 408

 IX USAF Serv. Comd.

   74th Serv Group

"Above All"

12th Tactical Reconnaissance

Squadron USAAF

"Know your Enemy"

          RAF 161

    Black Squadron

        " Liberate"

  RAF 286 Squadron

   "We exercise our


Free Polish Airmen

303 Squadron

RCAF 415
Swordfish Squadron

"To the mark"

RCAF 406 

Lynx Squadron

"We kill by night"

RCAF 408
Goose Squadron
"For Freedom"





Air base bicycle mishaps, crime and the free Polish Air force at RAF Winkleigh

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A History of the Borough Town of Winkleigh, Devon & RAF Winkleigh.

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