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Springer Spaniel Devon.

Sid the Springer Spaniel


Wildlife & all sorts of animals and birds are the subject of choice for Cornwall's specialist photographer Jackie Freeman who was born and raised in the market town of Epsom in England, in the beautiful county of Surrey on the southern outskirts of the British capital, London.



 Famed for the rolling grasslands of the Epsom Downs and home of horse racings most prestigious racing event, the Epsom Derby, run there since 1661, Epsom was a wonderful place for her to enjoy her childhood.


Jackie Freeman has always loved the English countryside, its ways and tranquility, so it was as inevitable as the seasons change that one day Jackie would leave the outer London area and settle in the quietness and peace of rural England to end up in Cornwall.

Twenty three years ago, Jackie made the move to Bodmin in Cornwall, and settled near to the rugged Atlantic coast in the south west of England and established a small market garden on her farm near Cardinham woods on the edge of Bodmin Moor.

 Cornwall is a magical place steeped in the mystery and the legend of King Arthur and his chivalrous court. The knights of the round table and renown for its mystical standing stones and stories of buccaneers, smugglers and pirates.
On its barren moors and in the lush river valleys and all along Cornwall's impossibly beautiful coastline, lives an abundance of British wildlife set neatly amongst the astonishing natural beauty which Jackie loves to photograph.

  Now living on the North Devon border with her husband David, Jackie travels extensively across the world where she is responsible for providing the specialised photographic imagery required for an international fine art consultancy.

Her travels giving light to many unique photo opportunities of the animals, landscapes & wildlife she loves as subjects.

Jackie Freeman is responsible for providing all the still photographs and specialised photographic services for the British Artiques Roadshow when on tour and for all the photography on location and for the filming of major projects such as Treasures that Talk and Secret Britain.


Jackie's special treasures though are Granddaughter Evie who is now thirteen

and Grandson Gabriel who's just  turned four .

Not to forget grandchild number 3, Naomi who's 2 but with Chicken pox this Christmas!

Jackie Freeman Winkleigh Devon.

Jackie Freeman near her home in

the South West England










Current local and international photography projects and ongoing photographic shoots include;

Secret Britain

A major photographic history of Winkleigh and its surrounding villages, its people & landscape

RAF Winkleigh

Bodmin Jail

St Breward

Exmoor and Dartmoor Wildlife Images.

Country life in Devon.

The Canadian fall.











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