Poughill and the Battle of Stratton - 1643 

The Battle of Stamford Hill



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 There is no need to repeat the accounts of this well reported historical episode, but there are some puzzles, even mysteries to solve that are evident when you do look into this.





 I read that Poughill's St. Olaf King and Martyr Church was damaged during the battle of Stratton on Stamford Hill. But to what extent and how remains unknown? Also that it played an 'important role' in the event at that time. But as yet I am still to find an account of any events asso ciated with it.

One could assume however that the church tower may have been a logical vantage point from which the Royalist spotters could see what was occuring over on Stamford hill? Problem is, the church is built in a hollow and you can't see the battlefield from there !




The Casualties at the Battle of Stratton: 16th May 1643


The Royalist dead at the battle are reported to be around 90.

The Parliamentary casualties are consistently repeated in various accounts to have been 300 dead, making it 390 + or - in total.

No reports of how many injured casulties but once can assume there would have been many ?



 Puzzling is that Stratton church and Poughill church do not record any Christian burials there from either side. There is nothing in that respect.

There are no aerial suggestions near or around Stamford hill to suggest such a vast burial site either, so where on earth is it?

 * It has been suggested that found in an un-cited text somewhere by a previous researcher, that "the dead were buried in trenches where they fell." That's 9 men we are told to a trench. So I make that about 44 long trenches somewhere ?


 Another article that has been published suggests that "Legend has it that the dead were removed to grave at Maer Down.

That is near Flexbury. It does have an early tumulous there, suggesting a burial site that was Saxon or earlier. But is over two miles from the battlefield! So why would they go to all the trouble of removing all 390 bodies there? And would there not be some account or report of this, particularly by the clergy?


 The Reverend John Cornish, the Vicar of Poughill for 20 years at the time of the battle, would surely have known what was going on just 1/2 a mile away from the vicarage  in his village and would surely have been appalled at the dreadful losses.

It was all happening literally straight across the road from him over the fields at Stamford hill. That as the crow flies, is perhaps 1/2 mile away and villagers certainly would have seen the left arm of the Royalist attack of 600 men of foot with their horses and cannon and pike men lead by Bassett and Godolphin? They went straight through Poughill and out towards the battlefield opposite the now Pub and Vicarage site. On right past what was an occupied and busy Broomhill Manor straight through to Stamford hill?


 The second rank of Royalists lead by Slanning and Trevanyon, which is number 2 on the map, went straight past Bushill Manor, yet nothing is written locally about this enormously important event either. 

To be fair, the church does have the emblem and letter from Charles I giving his thanks for all the villages support during the campaign.

So how strange is it though that there is such little information passed down ?


 Researching this subject, I am still yet to find any archaeological excavation reports of the battlefield site at Stamford Hill. Either here in Cornwall, or elsewhere, or learn of any unrecorded or otherwise, removal of battle-related artefacts through metal detecting on the site.

As they had cannons and muskets and armour....can anyone help unravel this mystery?


But I was just told today 06.10.19 by someone who lived in Hill House on Stamford hill that cannon balls were forund embedded in the walls of the building when it was renovated. My question is. How old is the house?



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